The northernmost LEBA certified bike officers now in Yellowknife, Canada

Education Coordinator Kevin deVillenfagne has just returned returned to Calgary, Alberta, Canada after teaching a level B course to a group of Bylaw Officers from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. Yellowknife now has the distinct honor of being the northernmost LEBA group on the planet.

Yellowknife gets 8 months of winter, and then 4 very short months of Spring Summer and Fall. Kevin shared has shared a class photo and a map  to show just how far north Yellowknife is. They can be overtaken as the northernmost LEBA certified bike patrol should we teach a class in Fairbanks or Nome, (or in Finland or Sweden). For now, however, they are it.

Congratulations on your accomplishment Yellowknife Bylaw Officers and welcome to LEBA.IMG_2305 Map.Yellowknife