Update to Dues Payments

Good Evening Everyone.


I wanted to take a brief moment and explain an update that is being added to the website.  Hopefully, this will cut down on some of the confusion.


Per the LEBA bylaws Dues are due at the beginning of each year.  From this point forward On January 1st of each year all instructors access to the website will be taken away.  Under the register/login link, there is a new clickable button for paying dues.  By clicking this link you will be taken to a page where you can pay your dues.  Once your dues are paid please allow 48 hours for your account to be reactivated.  If you need to pay your dues for the following year prior to January 1st that is fine and your access will not be denied.


As I said before I hope that this will help alleviate some of the confusion and issues we as board members have been seeing.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at leba747@hotmail.com


Thanks Shawn